cant get open gl working ((want definite answer))

im running a amd k6-3 500mhz cpu on a
epox EP-58MVP3C-M motherboard latest bios 256meg ram
win 98se version 4.10.2222a
soundblaster live!player latest drivers
real magic mpeg decoder card
realtek ethernet network card latest drivers
the latest via 4in1 patch
a videoexcel geforce 2 original (not 200 or 400)
latest nividia reference detonator drivers
direct x 8
when i play any opengl game the screen goes grey and freezes often with no recovery but only to reboot
D3d games run fine,i can play half life in direct 3d but when swithced to opengl it crashes
i tried coping the nvopengl.dll and renaming it to opengl32.dll into my quake 2 directory and that didnt work either then also trying it my windows/system directory
i have seen a lot of postings with simialar problems (ie: grey screen quake 3)
but hardly any solutions or cause of this problem
so if anybody has any ideas or solutions
i would like to here them as im starting to get really angry with this, the only thing i am yet to try is reinstalling although i reinstalled when i put the videocard in in the first place so PLEASE HELP???

The normal grey screen problem is during startup of Q3 but you have another problem. My guess would be the combination of via+amd take a look at

You can also try to download the latest driver from via and disable turbo mode in the AGP settings. If you search here for via and amd will you probably get some more information.

definite possibility, especially if D3D games also lock when using AGP. Are you sure you’re only having problems with OpenGL, not D3D?

d3d works fine on most games shogo halflife (works fine on d3d no problems)
rollcage colin mcray althougth they tend to look darker than usuall and some have an intermitted flashing problem of the back ground being there then not.
serious sam, q2, q3,halflife opengl,and various open gl screen savers give grey screen or freeze
i checked out the via page you told me about and then epox mothersboards and mine supports amd k6-3 and i ive also got latest bios witch ive had for a while
ive had d3d and opengl running on a exact same system but with a stanard tnt 16meg

ive tryed heaps of things
and ive installed everything (i believe)