Can't get heretic II to run opengl in win2k

I’m running windows 2k with sp3 on an
old asus p5a mobo. I have an AMD k6-2 400,
a Leadtek geforce2mx 32mb card with last weeks nvidia reference drivers. My problem is that every time I try to switch to opengl mode in heretic II the game crashes. Sometimes I can try to switch while in game from software to opengl, but from what I’ve seen the gl server dies and it defaults back to software. I looked at glsetup, and it says it is only for win95. I’ve looked for that “DVA” line in my win.ini file (nada). I’ve tried removed the ref_gl.dll from the folder (nada). I can run quake 3 and q3a just fine, but for some reason heretic II croaks everytime. Please help, I don’t wanna feel like I wasted my bucks on such a slow game!