Can't find a suitable visual for OpenGL

I am running CatiaV4 (CAD software) on a Solaris machine from WindowsXP using Exceed 8.0.

I get the following error when I launch Catia:

“Can’t find a suitable visual for OpenGL”

I do have Exceed3D installed. Do I miss some configuration on my machine.

Please Help!

I dont know Exceed3D but so far I havent seen a working Unix OpenGL server -> MS Windows OpenGL client combination.

I had to test an OpenGL model viewer app that needed to use Reflection X Server on Win32. The install was bit involved as it used some time-limited security lock, and I recall the RX control panel still needed to have “GLX” manually enabled after final setup. You might want to check for settings like that with your setup.

On a more general note, I recall that some desktop CAD apps were kind of picky on what the Windows desktop resolution is set at in order for the OGL app to find an appropriate visual. eg, Try 32-bits per pixel instead of 24 or vice versa. For some OGL drivers, the color depth would also affect the depth buffer depth, which might also be something specific in the visual that the app is looking for.