Cannot find help for opengl not working on vista

I have contacted ati, amd, MS, and have gotten zero replies or help.
Does anyone know anything to help me?

My facts:
Asus a7v8x AGP, amd 2600+ barton, 1.2 memory, ati 9600,
Opengl gamesd try to run, but then I get an error message that the opengl api could not be called up. Like it is not there.


Do you have video card driver installed? You can download it from here

Yes, I have ati 8.8.

I think the Opengl people would be more concerned about this. I am not the only person with this problem. To get no help is insane.

You can try and look into the info it returns like GL version and renderer, etc.
If it can’t run, then there is a system issue. Perhaps some OS registry misconfiguration or …
The best would be to wipe out Vista, and reinstall, then reinstall all drivers 1 by 1.

I will try that, thanks V-man!

Gpu caps reports like the GPU has no pipes, texture units or caps. The fur demo reports it needs the support of opengl 2.0