Can OpenMAX AL be used as a complete replacement 4 GStreamer

From my limited understanding I see that OpenMAX AL provides portability and that it can use GStreamer for the framework pieces not in OpenMAX IL.

Can OpenMAX AL be used to completely replace the functions in GStreamer - auto-connecting components, recognizing the input stream, automatically changing states, easy interface to run a .mp4 or .avi file.

Trying to decide whether to go with AL or GStreamer. I just need something to exercise our OpenMAX IL implementation (and of course the subsequent layers). Licensing issues do play in.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Hi John,

First of all, it is important to note that GStreamer is a multimedia framework and OpenMAX AL is an API. That means that for GStreamer the functionality can be changed to suit any given implementation and applications using it may need to be adapted. OpenMAX AL behavior is dictated by the standard and is verified by conformance tests. There is not a total overlap in either direction of functionality, but you will find that the OpenMAX AL coverage of the functionality in GStreamer framework is very good.

The two main issues will be code and licensing. OpenMAX AL is a royalty free standard which means that there is no licensing royalties for essential patents for conformant implementations. With GStreamer, there there may be licensing issues to consider as IP licensing is not part of the source code license. OpenMAX AL is available as part of Android, but it is not a complete implementation.

If you would like to discuss the IP implications regarding OpenMAX AL, or pose questions you would not like to make public, feel free to PM me.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your response. Correct me if this doesn’t sound right.

GStreamer is an application that can take an .mp4 or .avi file or stream, recognize the input stream type, hook up the proper components in the system it is running on, and stream buffers through the OpenMAX IL layer in a timed fashion to display decompressed video and audio.

OpenMAX AL provides the APIs to do that type of thing but not the code to do it.


Thanks for your help,

Hi John,

Essentially that is correct. GStreamer is a multimedia framework that gets integrated into an operating system or middleware. I don’t know if it can be run as a stand alone application. OpenMAX AL provides the APIs but no code, the same as OpenMAX IL.