Can I Add OpenGL To My Graphic Card, That Has OpenCL?

Hello I have a Question: I Found out that Games Need OpenGL To run and I Found that OpenGL Is for Shadering all Pixels in a 3D game. I didn’t know what to do but suddenly I felt smarter for a moment. and i took a look in my Graphic Card’s Details and Also in my Intel Graphics Details. I Didn’t see any OpenGl files only OpenCL. Then i looked up what the difference was. and having OpenGl Very Important. I was able to play games always. but i needed to clean my computer. so i installed windows again without leaving any file behind. I reinstalled my driver software. downloaded my games again. but i could run them. so when i started a game called Minecraft. It said i needed to update my drivers. But that could be right.already did that today. I Did research. and thats how i found out about OpenGL and OpenCL:

Now i ask. Can I Download OpenGL as a kind of Addon. If Yes. Please give me a tutorial. because i don’t want to harm my computer. THANK YOU (Srry if my english is bad)

Who made your GPU? You probably need to download drivers from them from that vendor’s web site and install them?

Provide information on which GPU you have and some folks here can probably give you more specific advice.

Whoops i Totally forgot to Mention: I Got a AMD Graphic Card Its called: AMD Radeon HD6850 Series

Fill out the following on AMD’s support website. It will lead you to the download of to appropriate video driver, which then should support OpenGL. support . amd . com / en-us / download (Sorry for the spaces, but it seems a new user may not include URL’s in his reply… Just remove the spaces)