Can GLTF model structure be customized with additional properties?

Hi ,I’m a beginner for GLTF.
I’m basically trying to use GLTF models as input for Azure Remote Rendering

I have a custom formatted model which has certain model properties associated with it. For example let the custom model be a building and it has various properties like Length/Area/Volume/Mass/Angle of a pillar or any other objects in the model. Is there a way to include these properties in GLTF json structure? If yes , will that be a valid GLTF file?
Also does GLTF maintains any unique id for each objects in the model? If no , can that be customized as well?

Almost all elements of a glTF have an optional extras property where you can store application specific information, see extras in the spec.
For more general and stricter structured additions there is the extensions mechanism.

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Each object has a name (a human-readable string), though glTF does not guarantee the name will be unique. You could store additional identifiers under the extras property, and most tooling will preserve that. How you’d use that data will depend on your software – in Blender glTF “extras” are displayed as “Custom Properties”, in three.js they appear under an object.userData property.

/cc Can GLTF model structure be customized with additional properties? · Issue #2334 · KhronosGroup/glTF · GitHub

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