Can anyone help me with this??

I used to be able to play my games with OpenGL but then one day the games just stopped playing with OpenGL. It said.

“Hunk data failed to allocate 64MB”

When i downloaded the latest driver, it then said

“GLW_SartOpenGL_() - could not load OpenGL subsystem”

Am I doing sumthin wrong or is it a simple error?

Please help.

I have a big problem on running “quake III” “out cast” “return to castell wolfnstain” and “solider of fortune 2” this games give me an big error “can not loal opengl sub sistem” and i don`t know what to do if any one can help me please a i do is play but on xp pro this games don t work i have a “pentiumIII 801” 128MB “nvidia aladin tnt 2” help me pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!! e-mail me if you can to