Camera Animation

I’ve generated a camera animation, camera is rotating around object and exported it in GLTF format. However, upon playback, the animation exhibited irregularities, on investigation into the file’s data (specifically, the binary file). Upon comparison with a similar animation exported from Blender, I noticed some difference.
While the quaternion values were correctly exported in my file, there seemed to be an issue with the position values.

Currently, I’m exporting the actual camera positions along a curved path in the viewer by calculating points on the curve and exporting them accordingly.
Additionally, in a separate attempt, I’ve experimented with exporting only the initial and final positions of the camera and dividing the path between them into eleven segments.
Despite these adjustments, each playback of the animation yields different results.
Don’t know the exact cause of issue.

I’m grateful for your assistance ahead of time.

1] Screenshot : my file and blender file comparison.

I’m attempting to upload a file, but since I’m a new member, I currently lack the necessary permissions

cc for visibility: Camera animation in GLTF - Discussion - three.js forum