Call of Duty Error

I keep having the game crash with a nvoglnt.dll error. I am assuming that this is both Nvidia and Open GL??? Anybody know what this means and how to fix it? I have tried drivers 52.16, 45.23 and 44.03 and no luck. I have a P4 2.4B, Soyo Dragon Ultra Platinum, and PNY Verto 5600 Ultra. I have the newest VIA, Nvidia, BIOS, drivers, etc… My video card runs at 45 Celcius max and my processor runs at 43 Celcius max and system temp is usually around 30 Celcius. If anybody has an answer to this I owe you big time. Thanks.

Nm, I fixed it. Only had to go back 6 driver sets.

Is this 6 released drivers? or beta drivers as well? what drivers are u using?? i’m having the same problem i have a 5900 with the 52.70 drivers.