Call execution of SendCommand took longer than limit

I have implemented some decoder component, and there is not theread in these component, so the component do deocde action when IL Client invoke OMX_FillThisBuffer() or OMX_EmptyThisBuffer() or OMX_SendCommand(). but while conformance test, there are some warning message as “Call execution of SendCommand on OMX.xxxx.avcencode took longer than limit: Limit=5 ms Actual=6 ms”. Can these components pass conformance test?

Yes. The spec uses “should” for timing, which is a recomendation.

IL 1.1.1 section 3.2:

When a time limit for the execution of a method is specified, it is not intended as a hard restriction for the conformance of the component to the standard, but if the limit is not respected, a note shall appear in the description document related to the component.