Building OpenVG library and GLUT for linux


I have downloaded the reference implementation for OpenVG available in khronos site

But i want to compile it for linux system, i have read the documents available inside to know how to build it for linux, i was following README.linux available in /openvg-1_0_1-ri/glut-3.7.6.

Here is the document content

The “linux” subdirectory in earlier GLUT releases is no longer supported
because it was too hard to maintain.

Now, if you want to build Linux shared libraries, just edit the
library Imakefiles (that is “lib/*/Imakefile”) to say:

#define DoNormalLib NO
#define DoSharedLib YES

Then alter and enable shared objects for the sample applications:

#define UseSharedObjects 1

And finally do:

cd lib
make Makefiles
make clean

That’s it!

I could not understand the last few lines as i did not find any Makefiles inside lib directory.Could any one please help.

Thanks & Regards,