Building Openvg applications in linux

I have set up the openvg environment in the eclipse running in the linux envrionment. I tried to get some samples and check with environment setup. So far, I installed ShivaVg library and tried to run the samples in that library. I got the error such as Cannot Open Shared library I also tried some other examples which all are showing the same kind of errors. Could anybody give me the solution to fix this problem or any links to solve this issues and proceed further with my process???


The symbols are part of the library - This can be confirmed by using nm command (example shown below)-

Graphics_SDK_4_05_00_01/gfx_dbg_es6.x$ nm | grep -i PVRSRVMet*
0000d40c T PVRSRVMetricsGetCPUFreq
0000d374 T PVRSRVMetricsTimeNow

Take care of linking order. Make sure you link before