I am trying to help a friend install a game called “Bugdom.” It is an Aptiva 2176 C73 machine, 64 mb ram, clean install of w98se. The video chipset is ATI Mach 64 GT(Rage). The chip has 3D acceleration. “Bugdom” requires opengl. He gets “Q” errors when he attempts to install. Following the tech support trail it appears I need to have an OpenGL hardware driver for the particular 3D hardware accelerator board in question. Looking at the opengl website(http://www.opengl.org/users/about/index.html) it does not appear that they have an opengl driver for the hardware in question.
Any one have any ideas or is this little kid just out of luck. Thanks, Jim

Try looking here:

If not there then maybe look at ati’s page and there might be a driver for that card.

Or try Win ME it has OpenGL by default.

The original ATI Rage (which is probably what you’re talking about) doesn’t even support D3D, IIRC, let alone OpenGL (it has minimal 3D support, and doesn’t even have a Z buffer). The Rage II (II+, IIC) doesn’t support OpenGL except in MCD form on Windows NT 4 (no other OS). The Rage Pro supports OpenGL on most OSs if you can find the right tweaked drivers. The Rage 128 (and 128 Pro) supports OpenGL on all Windows OSs.