Blender's glTF 2.0 importer and exporter animation export issue


I’m encountering an issue when converting a 3D character with motion-captured data to glTF using Blender for use in a web AR service.

When I export the model and view it in the “glTF Viewer,” initially it displays fine, but parts disappear when I move the viewpoint. The issue doesn’t occur when the model is static without animation, so I suspect there might be some problem with the animation and glTF. However, I lack knowledge of computer programming and find myself in need of assistance.

Additionally, I’ve noticed that this issue doesn’t occur when viewing the model in the Babylon viewer (, which makes me wonder if adding some code could solve the problem, though I lack the skills to do so.

Please, could you assist me? I’m using Blender version 3.6 LTS.

I’ll attach the model data.