Blender UVs


We are having problems with the UVs when exporting from Blender.

I’m not familiar with the program, but this is the bug report:

“I used the UVs > ArchiMap UV Projection Unwrapper to create the UVs / stretch the image across all the faces. It’s like the UVs for every other tri are flipped. Seems to happen even if I map the texture directly to each face.”

It doesn’t texture well in our engine, but it also looks wrong when opened in Maya.

I checked the xml, and for a 4 vertices plane, it generates 6 UV coordinates.

You can download the .blend and .dae files, plus screenshots from here:

We are using Illusoft Collada 1.4.0 plugin for Blender.

Thanks for your great support,


The Blender COLLADA plugin is maintained by Illusoft:
You will find the bug tracker on their main page.

I understand the Blender plug-in is opensource. I do not know much about it but I wanted to have a look anyway, but unfortunately the link you provided to the test data does not work.

The problem apparently was exporting quads instead of triangles. Now it seems to work fine.

Sorry for the broken link. We’ve had some server problems after being dugg.