Blender Shape Keys and Sparse Accessors

Good afternoon -

I was hopeful someone might be able to save me a bit of time going through the python code for the blender glTF exporter. In a blender file that contains active shape keys, I expected to see the data exported into a sparse accessor, but no sparse accessors are present. I suspect the shape keys are being exported into the animations instead, but I am still working on verifying that.

Is this the expected behavior? That is, we should expect to find the shape keys as animation data, and not in a sparse accessor?

Thanks in advance.

Blender currently exports each shape key / morph target attribute as an accessor, but not a “sparse” accessor in glTF terminology – it will contain zeros for vertices unaffected by the shape key. Animations would only be included for keyframes to drive the shape key weights, if keyframes are present.

Thank you. Huge help saved me tons of time.

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