Blender Export

Hi im trying to use a file format to export from 3ds max -> Blender, and it needs to support animation and bones in the process. I heard Collada can do this, so i gave it a try. Here is an error i got from the Blender Console:

I just tried again (that screenshot was from a while ago) now i get this:

If you guys cant fix, Do you guys know another format i can try? Ive tried this (.dae) and Doom3 (.md5)

I don’t think the Blender COLLADA scripts have been updated, and it wasn’t complete since the last time there was an update a year ago (IIRC they didn’t have animation of skinned armatures yet).

I’d tell you to use mine, but it doesn’t have animation yet either.

You may have some luck with FBX though.