Bizarre problem

I appear to be having a small problem when I run applications that use OpenGl. When I have an OpenGl application open then tooltips are incorrect when I run my mouse over buttons. This behavior happens with all applications when I have an OpenGl application open.

This is what I have noticed. If I run my mouse over the buttons the tool tip is for the previous button that I went over rather than the current button. If I move my mouse off all the buttons and then back onto a button the tooltip is correct. But then if I move it to a different button they are incorrect.

I have 3 applications that use OpenGL and this happens any time I have one of these applications open.

Any clue how to fix this?

WinXP Home
Nvidia Ti 4600 128 megs
DirectX 9.0
Latest Nividia video drivers as well as latest card bios.