Bezier interpolations

Hey all, trying to figure out how to do bezier interpolations from the astroboy animated file.

The collada book says that the 4 points can be calculated as follows

c(0) = (K1, V1)
c(1) = ((2K1 + K2)/3, V1 + outTangent(T0))
c(2) = ((K1 + 2K2)/3, V1 - inTangent(T1))
c(3) = (K2, V2)

I believe that k1 is the nearest low input value and k2 is the nearest high input value to our input value (time) that falls inbetween them. V1 and V2 are the respective output values to K1 and K2.

For the first animation node in the astroboy file the output values are a single float value, where as the intangent and outtangent are 2D vectors (x, y).

Therefore, what does it mean to add a scalar value (V1) to a 2D vector (T0)?

Thanks guys!

I think this is an example of the old 1D tangent export. See pdf page 161 of the 1.5 spec for the explanation.