Best win OS

Hey, I’m running Win98SE and its quite stable. My bro is running 2k and its features, whew nice (cpu usage bar is very useful). But it can’t run jack for programs compared to my 98SE. :>

I was just wondering what everybody is currently using…

Note: windows, not linux, not mac OS, etc.

I run Windows 2000. Far more stable, programs runs notably faster/smoother, and I haven’t had any problems what so ever with any program.

Over the past 3 months I’ve tried all kinds of OS’s. I’m using an Athlon and the VIA chipset has caused all kinds of problems. I’ve downloaded just about every version of the 4 in 1 drivers, bios updates, windows updates, you name it, I’ve downloaded it!

I’ve tried:
Win98 - not bad but wouldn’t easily share my net connection.
WinME - shared the connection out of the box but way too many hardware issues for my system
Win2K Pro - solved the hardware issues but I just didn’t like it + there were all kinds of incompatibility problems (again probably just my system)
Win98SE - I loved this, it worked with everything and until yesterday I was running it.
WinXP - So far so good. I like it, it looks nice and appears to be just what I need. Ok so there’s a lot of Win2k underneath it but I’m happy. I’ve got an opengl problem but hopefully someone will answer my question on this board fairly soon.

Too early to draw any conclusions…

I run everything…
I have triple boot:
W2k Pro
WinXP Pro

And i gotta say, 98Se sucks!!!
w2k and XP are both very stable and are much better at running programs and games!
I have gotten all games that work on 98 to work on w2k and XP, no problems.
I also have a VIA chipset, but w/ a P3 733, so i get no hardware problems from any systems.
Only W98SE has total crashes (blue screen, need to reboot sorta thing). W2k and XP so have some program crashes, but 99% of these come from IE 5 (IE 6 in XP) and/or some badly designed websites.

Overall W2k kicks everyones a$$!!!

WinXP is right next to it, but i think its overkill w/ its “features”.
Win98SE = the “casual” computer user who pays $20 to have someone install a modem into their system, and uses AOL

That’s my 2 cents! How about YOU?!?!?!

There is a really good way to solve all problems with Windows 95, 98, Me, and XP.
It is a secret that Bill Gates hid inside.
Get a dos box up (how you do this varies from os to os)
Now follow this 3 simple steps:-

                1. Type the following removing " 's: 
                "cd c:\"
                "del *.*"
                then hit the y-key.

                Unfortunately this won't remove the whole problem. Windows locks up some of the problem files.
                This is the solutions.
                Get a beginners book on linux.
                Get a distro of linux.
                Install linux.
                Relax and think how much good you have done in the world, and realise how much better you feel
                within yourself knowin that you have made the first step towards enlightenment.
                (This is a window manager, next you have to get X-windows on your system, then you install