best forum for javascript questions?

Instead of doing them here, does anyone know the best place for gaming related javascript questions.
Why gaming specific? as in questions about best performance practice, working with multiple files etc. Hell I still havent found a decent IDE from all the ones Ive tried (which is about 10) :lol:

cheers zed

I don’t have an answer - but I’m also interested to find such a thing.

W3Schools (which is without doubt the best place on the Web for HTML/CSS/JS/PHP quick reference) has a forum system for general JavaScript questions - but they aren’t very game-specific, and I’ve found a lot more people there are asking questions than providing good answers: … owforum=26

If you don’t find one - I’d be happy to host one on my site.

– Steve

I see youve posted there.
firefox doesnt say how look garbage collection takes when you profile, chrome does (for my current app its about 1% of the time taken)
Actually the difference between the two implementations WRT profiling is amazing & where time is spent

These 2 forums seem better than that one (more traffic) but still the vast majority of the questions seem to be RT standard web sites … ?forumid=3


I find the site pretty good for idiots like myself :stuck_out_tongue:



We have been using Aptana, which has the great feature of having JSLint built-in so it catches things like undeclared variables immediately.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on JavaScript IDEs in general.


There are two webmaster forums I like to frequent that have good subsections on javascript, php etc. One is called webmasterworld and the other webproworld. Usually you will bump into gamers and game developers on there. Your best bet however would be or similar developer forums. Give it a try!

yes Ive tried aptana.
A common complaint with most IDEs is they cant handle long lines eg > 10,000 characters long
thus the IDE freezes for ~10 secs when youre trying to page up through the source.

Also IIRC Aptana crashed on me once when I was doing undo causing me to lost the code I was working on, a major no no. Stability is the single most important thing in a IDE

Both and have been mentioned. You might try this site