Beginning with Parallel Programming

I am new to parallel programming. Till now I have learned about CUDA( ||el programming language for NIVIDIA GPU) , OpenCL (for AMD streams, Nividia and Intel). I have installed AMD APP SDK on Windows and Fedora 16. But as I am not having Visua Studio for windows and some graphics incompatibility with fedora. I am trying OpenCL with Intel CPU.

I am having Intel i3 core processor.So I have installed Intel SDK for OpenCL on windows 7(64-bit). I am unable to run OpenCL samples as visual studio is not installed on my system.But I want to start with OpenCL programming using Intel Offline Compiler. I have read user guide and know how to build, show Assembly code etc. using it.

Now I need to know how to write OpenCL simple program code and to execute it using Offline Compile e.g. a simple vector addition code.Can anyone help me to find resource for guidance?

I have read and understood this:

Still I didn’t get how to run a comlete single program code in Intel Offline Compiler. I want to write and executable program.

I am not sure to understand your problem. I only use Intel SDK, and the Offline compiler is just a tool which helps you to check the syntax of your kernel and see the assembly code generated.

If you want to execute the kernel, you have to write and execute the host program.