Beginners Help: Mac Xcode Collada Viewer


I just tried to compile the viewer that comes with collada DOM. After replacing the libminizip.a with a recompiled one everything compiled fine without any errors. But if I try to open a file with the executable I get this message. Even though the samples are in the right spot the program does not find them:

creating CG context
CG context created

— COLLADA_RT Initialized —

COLLADA_DOM Load Started HA3
DOM Error: in daeLIBXMLPlugin::readFromFile

DOM Error:

Error loading the COLLADA file HA3 make sure it is COLLADA 1.4 or greater
Failed to read scene

Any ideas? I also tried many different files from the samples using the command line without any success :frowning:


What is "the right spot’?

What is you current working directory when you run the command?
Where is the file “HA3” relative to that?
Why doesn’t “HA3” have a “.dae” extension?
What does your command line look like?