Authoring Tool Version ?


Sorry if this post is a duplicate, but the search function doesn’t work, thus I can’t seen if anyone has already done this request.

Many DCC include some version information into the <authoring_tool> tag of the COLLADA header. For example, ColladaMax exports a <authoring_tool>ColladaMax v3.04</authoring_tool> info.

Currently, I’m parsing manually this info to get the version of the DCC exporter in order to handle the export / extra modifications between two releases. But parsing the <authoring_tool> info is VERY inconvenient (need to updated this almost for each update of DCCs, as the format of this info may change beetween two exporter releases).

Thus, I have this simple feature request : could you add a <authoring_tool_version>x.y.z.w</authoring_tool_version> in the next version of COLLADA ?


I’m not sure how much this would help. If you write your parsing code properly, you can still parse out the version when it changes, unless the actual format of the <authoring_tool> tag changes.

For example, if the <authoring_tool> tag changes from “ColladaMax v3.04” to “ColladaMax v3.1”, you should be able to handle that update without needing to change your code. But if it changed to “v3.1 of ColladaMax” you’d probably need to update your code. Has this really proven to be a big problem for you?

If you want to pursue this further, you should write a feature request on the Khronos bugzilla.