Audio Problems with OpenGL (GeF 2 MX 400 + SB 128 PCI)

when playin in OpenGL rendering with my newly installed GeForce 2 MX 400 family board, the sound become crappy after a while.

it sounds like metallic and with light reverb.
problem occur under different settings (color depth, res, low audio quality, no EAX, etc…)

i’ve spent so much lookin for the solution.
finally i’ve found my audio board is not a true SB128PCI but a SBvibra 128 pci !
(gasp! )

whatever, my drivers are the newest, win98 is tuned up finely.

also, i’d like to find a way to create/get a file that allow me to change my old monitor’s resolution settings in a single operation.
(i’d like to edit the file and set to 60 Hz all res !)

Thanx a lot for takin me out of this crap .

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