Atomic Math Member Function for Floats

Hi SYCL developers,
In the SYCL 1.2.1 manual, some atomic math member functions require the data type T != float.
We are using SYCL to write Op Kernel for deep learning framework, and floats are the main data type we are dealing with, I am wondering if there is a plan to add supports for floats?
Screenshot from 2020-04-27 10-10-51


The Khronos SYCL working group is definitely aware of this, and I think that you should expect to see support at some point in the future.

There is an extension that adds additional floating point atomic support (amongst other things) at SYCL_INTEL_extended_atomics. Does that extension enable what you’re looking for?


Hi Mike,

Thanks for pointing me to the extension, it has what I am looking for, but not sure its included by DPCPP or not, let me check it out.

Thanks again.