ATi Rage ultra 128 32Mb. Problems, Need Help.

Has anyone ever had problems with this graphics card on Win98.
Have installed the drivers for the card that I got from a Dell Resource Cd.
I’m able to do all the usual stuff on the desktop, like change resolution, refresh rate etc… No problems there.
When I run games like Jedi Knight/MohAA the whole system crashes/hangs.(takes on average 10-15 secs). The wierd thing is that on Jedi knight this only happens on the menu’s.
I got the game running and not a bother. but pressed “Esc” to get the menu and it hangs.
On Mohaa as soon as I put in the cd. When the slash/install screen appears the system hangs.

Need Help Badly.
don’t know if the driver from the dell CD have OpenGL supported.