ATi Rage Pro, OpenGL nightmare.

Daikatana, runs. Slower than an XT booting.

Got an OpenGL benching program. in 800x600x32, I’m getting .20 FPS.
In 320x200x32, I’m getting 1.32 FPS.
In 800x600x24, I’m getting .32 FPS.
In 320x200x24, I’m getting 1.44 FPS.
In 800x600x16, I’m getting 40.33 FPS, but the picture isn’t even 16 bit looking (256 colors)
In 320x200x16, I’m getting 46.33 FPS, but the same as 800x600, picture isn’t 16 bit in the slightest.

Tried the latest drivers, get a Windows Protected Mode Error on restart. :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t get around that, nor did it help in the frame rate when it WAS running.

Any ideas anyone? (Not updating the card, so that one is out.)

Anyone know if the libraries can be version checked for the latest? Is there a known fix for this? It doesn’t seem to be just limited to the driver. More along the lines of the OpenGL parts.

The low framerates on the 24 bit color images are probably because your video card doesn’t support it and it is dropping into software mode. That is always slow.