ATI Rage 128 Pro

Tried to load and run open GL for the game Myth III. I have a Dell system running Win 98 with the above card. When I try to run the open GL exe it ssays that they do not have drivers for my card. The site clearly says they support the Rage 128 Pro. I have the latest drivers from Dell as they not ATI support the card in their system. If I try to run the game all the intro runs fine but where the game should acctually start I get a white screen. Myth people say I must have open GL. Any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried to install the drives from ATI? Ati offers both “Built by…” and “Powered by…” drivers. I would attempt to install the latest drivers from there, and if that still doesn’t work, you need to contact Dell support and have them help you.

GOod luck.