ATI Radeon X300 & Hyperthreading issue

Dell Optiplex GX28O
P4 2.8GHz 1MB Cache w/ hyperthreading enabled
ATI 128MB PCI-Express Dual DVI Radeon X300
Windows XP SP1 or SP2

Don’t know what version of OpenGL is provided with the driver. GLInfo complains about a missing export in NTDLL.dll.

Users of a custom application can right-click on a view and create a secondary popup of the view. When hyperthreading is DISABLED everything works fine, minus some degradation in performance.

When hyperthreading is ENABLED, whoahh bessy. Only the most recently updated OpenGL window updates. The original window stops drawing. When windows are covered by other windows, the window’s client area is not redrawn producing phantom windows. As the application works, updates to background windows start bleeding through. It’s ugly.

Driver version is A00 and is the most recent provided by Dell. ATI doesn’t provide OEM drivers. Any ideas? Is this a driver problem, BIOS problem, OpenGL problem? Happens on both SP1 and SP2.

Sounds like a driver issue. If you want, I can explain to you how to modify the ATI drivers so they will install on OEM cards.

When you say glInfo do you mean this one?

ATI doesn’t provide OEM drivers?

I thought they provide generic drivers for all desktop cards. And for notebooks, the inf file needs to be modified.

Since you have a Radeon, you have to download the Radeon drivers. Current driver is Catalyst 4.9

Unfortunatly ATI includes the subsystem ID and subsystem vendor ID into the PCI identification string in the .inf file, so only cards that where “build by ATI” (subsystem vendor id = 1002) where detected by the installer. All the cards that are “powered by ATI” like for example the ones from Sapphire have a different subsystem vendor id (Sapphire = 174B) and hence wont get recognized by the installer.

Its pretty silly if you ask me.