ATI and OpenGL

I have an ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics card for a laptop. I am trying to get OpenGL 2.0.x to work on it, but can only get OpenGL 1.3.x to work. The ATI support for the Mobility Radeon cards seems to have ended at catalyst version 6.5. Does anyone know how to get OpenGL 2.0.x to work on this card?

You don’t.

A Mobility 9000 (or any less than 9500 Radeon) can’t handle GL 2.0.


Have you tried omega drivers for mobility radeons (htpp:// They are at 6.9 Catalyst, work great (I use them on my laptop).

Here is a post from Omega’s website:

Starting from Catalyst 6.6 and up, the following cards/chipsets (including Mobility) are no longer supported by the ATI or Omega Drivers:

7000 Series
7200 Series
7500 Series
8500 Series
9000 Series
9200 Series
9250 Series

What is the full name for the video card which you have in your laptop?

Well, I have Mobility Radeon 9700, so sorry for misleading you.