ATi 9600 Pro OpenGL Issues

Hi all, can someone help me?

Iv recently noticed that my 9600pro has a dislike to OpenGl Apps. Some which are effected worse than others

Firstly there is Counter Strike Condition Zero which i have recently installed. The game has very bad framerate issues under OpenGL, but not with D3D.

Secondly I have tried Call Of Duty, which seems to lockup roughly 5 to 15 mins into gameplay. Mind You this is a beta version of the game. A reset is needed but only if the ‘VPU recorder’ is not enabled, as it cuts in and goes to desktop saying the display adapter is no longer responding to driver commands.

And Lastly RTCW, locks up my comp completly, but doesn’t happen to often, unlike with Call Of Duty.

Im using the latest Cat 3.8 drivers for my card, I tried rolling back to 3.7, but the problem still remained. Iv found that putting the texture and mipmap quality to ‘High Quality’ Causes Call Of Duty to hold out from locking up for about another 10 mins =S

Just to add, I did not have this problem with my Ti4200. So the problem is almost definatly some sort of conflict with OpenGL and the Radeon.

Im Running

P4C 2.4ghz
512MB ddr400
80gb HDD
Power Colour ATi 9600 Pro
P4P800 Deluxe Mobo
Qtec 550Watt PSU

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Oh man. I feel your pain. My pain stems from Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy as well as the previous Jedi Knight: Outcast. I upgraded from a Ti4200 to a 4600 Pro and never had problems before the upgrade. Interesting thing, though. Call of Duty… RTCW… Jedi Knight series… ALL Activision. I’ve scoured their “support” site (basically just a message board) and they have suggestions, but nothing helps. I have a hard time believing that it’s ATI’s fault at this point. I don’t think I’ve had OpenGL problems with other OpenGL games, just the ones by Activision. Either it’s some weird coincidence or… well, who knows. Anyway, if anyone has any MORE ideas I’m open to suggestion. Here’s my specs, just in case:

Athlon 2400XP
Asus A7V333
1gig PC2700
Sound Blaster Live!
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 128

VERY latest Radeon & DirectX drivers. (Latest stable, not beta.)

Let’s see if someone bites who knows something about OpenGL and/or Radeon and/or Activision…

exactly the same thing with me
same games, jedi & call of duty
9700 pro

exactly the same thing with me
same games, jedi & call of duty
9700 pro

Ditto, only with Call of Duty so far, but my computer is new.

9600 Pro, Catalyst 3.8
Ath 2500+, NF7-S
1GB PC3200

I would like to mention it has not happened at all with Half Life or MindRover (both OpenGL), which I have played extensively since getting my new computer… so it can’t be just OpenGL.

Same problem for me, my monitor goes to power saving and the game still runs, even if i disable power saving in windows and bios…

if the screen doesnt go in power saving, the game crashes after a while of gameplay, and the gaming experience becomes impossible…

this only happens with COD at the mom. counter strike 1.6 didn’t get any probs yet.

P4 2800@3090 fsb 800
1024 ddr400 (dualddr)
asus p4p800
Hercules 9700 pro (@ standard clock rates)

I’ve had the same problem with my Radeon 9600 pro… Every time i try to connect to a server in counter-strike 1.6, i get the VPU Recover message. I’ve checked soo many sites and found nothing so far.

9600 Pro 256, Catalyst 3.8
Ath 3000+
512mb PC2100

I’ve a problem too with OpenGL vs Radeon 9600 Pro. When I run OpenGL game with my Radeon 9600 PRO, it lock up after 5 to 20 minutes (Ex : Mafia, Wolfenstein - Ennemy Territories, Counterstrike). I turn off hyper-threading in the BIOS and the games don’t freeze anymore.
OpenGL seems to has a problem with hyperthreaging capability.

P4C 2.4 GHZ
512 MB DDR-400
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro Ultra

I found out that the lock-up is due to ATI’s new drivers. I revert back to 3.7 “i think” and CoD works fine now. Just go to and get the older drivers. I didnt have any other glitches with any other games ( BF1942, EF2 or MOH series ) only CoD. Apprently ATI is aware of the issue with 9600 Pro and is working on resolving it

same problem, i have a 9800 and COD will go nuts after like 10 min of playing. I think ATI is trying to get a new update out. I’ve played other games with no problems like Halo, Max payne 2, and CS, and Warcraft.

i have:
ATI 9800 128mb (not pro)
p4 2.4
512 DDR3700
asus p4800
optical mouse with green mouse pad from fry’s


I Have the same problem with 9800 PRO (connect3D). so… where the solutions??? I just see all relating about the same thing(THE PROBLEM)… and the solution?? ANy have one?

I have the same problem.

Radeon 9600 Pro BBA BOX
P4 2.4 C HT ON
2 X 256 DDR in Dual Line
Catalyst 3.7

The game always freezes. May take 5 or 50 minutes, but it always freezes unless i turn off AA and ANISO.

All other games runs fine.


i Used the catalyst 3.6 and COD dont more crashed! So… i would like to use the new catalyst 3.9 or future releases… dammit… what **** the ATI is thiking that not resolve this problem?

Athlon XP 2600+ FSB 333
ATI 9800 PRO 128
1 GB RAM - Dual Channel DDR 333

I hope they fix the problem in the next Catalyst release…

CoD runs fine with Catalyst 3.7, w or w/o AA and ANISO.



Ok, I just fixed min. I got the latest gfx drivers (cat 3.9) AND I updated my chipset drivers on my MB, and it works great now.

YA it sucks…I wish I could use the new divers but…I rather be able to play COD. So i’ll have to wait for an update. But since my last post nothing but stable gameing from this card from 100 FPS in BF1942 80FPS in America’s Army all with 4xAA and 4xAF enabled.Hopefully ati is on the hop about this issue…seeing that its not only 9600 series but also effecting the 9800’s also.

Intel P-4 3.0ghz+800FSB
Gigabyte 8INXP w/DPS
ATI 9600 Pro 128mb/overclocked
512ddr Corsair 3200 400mhz

well, it does sound like activision are to blame, why dont you all write a letter as 1 with all your signitures and send it to them .Enough signitures might just force them to check it out, as no-one games compony wants unrunable games made by them do they.

There is a new update file that is out for the lastest CAT drivers which fixs the bug.But I read there not WQHL certified…and if u do not experience the CoD lock up or other issues not to install the file. 3.9 Will be out in ealy December rumors say.

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