Assigning input arrays from .txt file to buffers

I’m a student that is completing a research project in OpenCL on FPGAs for my final year project, the project is based around the Page Rank algorithm. I thought I had it working but i’ve noticed that in the host program I have not actually assigned the input arrays to any buffers to be transferred from the host to the device, so have a couple of questions -
1). How and where do I assign the arrays to?
2). Do I need to add additional code to dereference the pointers?
3). How do I read/display the output from the return buffer?
Some additional information -
I am using Intel FPGAs to run the code on and I have taken the 'introduction to OpenCL on FPGAs ’ from Coursera, i have seen that people are generating their own values within the host program but I am a bit confused about how to link both the input data and the buffers to send the data together.
Thank you in advance for any information given.

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