Aspect Ratio and Custom Resolutions

I have 3 displays, Sony W900 24", Panasonic Tau 34", and Boxlite Cinema13HD proj. All three have 16x9 aspect ratio. For the projector I use a custom resolution of 1360x768 to match the LCD’s native resolution.

Here’s the problem. Nearly all games running under DirectX give me the option to run at any resolution/refreshrate (and at 16x9 aspect ratio). None of the OpenGL games, not even the latest “Return to Castle Wolfenstein” can run in any of the resolutions I use (1600x1024, 1920x1080, 1280x720, 1360x768, 960x540). Instead, there is only one “widescreen” resolution setting - 846x480 (which isn’t even supported on my computers as a native resolution). This is very frustrating. Is there any way to set up custom resolutions in OpenGL and have games detect and use them, as is the case with DirectX? I find myself checking game boxes to see if they support DirectX before buying the game.


OpenGL is limited in the widescreen + multi-monitor solutions.
You can’t go above around 800x600 when doing multi-screen rendering. I think it’s just a limitation of the OpenGL API, i’m sorry, but you’re stuck.