Are you developing CAD/CAE or Games?

C) Demos at home, B) at work going every day closer to A) (I’m working on a collision detection library for factory robot manufacturing).


I use it for demos
although my current demotool seems to become more like CAD now ))

a) but i just finished wirting a 3d editor. with shadows and ppl and all.

jwatte, my statement was a little short winded. Spider3D supports 3ds models…but Spider3D also supports md2 files. Someday I will write an md3 importer .

I’m aware that if I write a plugin for LightWave3D only LW users can make brand new meshes. So maybe one day there will be a collection of s3d models floating around that are free. I seriously need to write an app that will convert 3ds and md2 files to s3d files…I fear MFC though…more to learn .

This is how easy it would be convert a 3ds file to an s3d file with Spider3D:


I love reusing code !

Back on topic sortof…I absolutly love writing code for models and drawing with OpenGL. I’ve been playing around with the 3D stuff for 6 years now…and I just can’t stop enjoying it. I can’t even play a 3D game any more without thinking about how they did it.

loves 3D

I’m doing with OpenGL in gruduated theasis. So I am very interesting with.I choose B , because I am on it. I also somem problem : about displaying many sides of a surface. Can you help me ?

That would B for me. Well sort of. Could also be a bit of A for some of our projects. We do everything to be honest… As long as the customers pay

Used to do A, now use it to teach A & B

Learnmore, I don’t know if I understood your question.

Make sure you set:



disable glCullFace.

Then you can assign diferent colours to your surface inside/outside using.

glMaterialf, GL_FRONT,…
glMaterialf, GL_BACK,…