Are there fully compliant OpenVG implementations available?

I have been interested in hardware-accelerated SVG and OpenVG for some time but have not yet found any fully-compliant or complete implementation.

There is ShivaVG which covers only a small portion of the standard and appears to have gone stale about 10 years ago.

So, has anyone worked with a better, more modern & complete OpenVG implementation and can point me in the right direction?

Either commercial or FOSS is fine.


You can try AmanithVG.

Yeah, it’s awful that it’s pretty much a failure on desktop systems. Many phone providers implement it (I think) to the extent their phones support different features. OpenGLES 2 is a much better graphics standard than OpenGL, but it is similarly not implemented on desktop systems. It’s too bad there isn’t a charitable arm of Khronos for us poor old desktop users :slight_smile:

EDITED: Sorry… new forum says “Feb '18” but means 2018! I thought Feb 18.

I made the same mistake, replying before I realized that this was an old thread :wink: