Are there any tools which can be used to simplify the dae(collada) data


I have some dae format datas, but they are to large, are there any ways to simplify them to reduce the size of the datas.
Or are there any tools to manipulate and merge the dae datas?


The best thing to do is optimize meshes in COLLADA files, also whole scene can be optimized, unused elements could be removed… There are some mesh optimizer libraries but I’m not sure they can work with COLLADA files. DCC tools should optimize COLLADA files at exporting stage.

You may not find tool you want but you can use a COLLADA importer/exporter library to load/import and export again. Maybe in this way that library can export better output than before. You could try a few libraries until you find best one for your needs. One of them could export most optimized version…


Import, export… that’s what COLLADA is for. XML is not efficient for storage. But can be compressed.


But can be compressed.

I have some plans for this in the future :slight_smile:


Compression doesn’t have to be explicit (it can sometimes be a pain when it is.) Servers can store files compressed (usually GZ) and transmit compressed via HTTP and caches can cache compressed also. It’s all transparent over HTTP. Disks can be compressed on the fly also.