Application using OpenGL blue screen crashes Win2k

I have recently been trying to use software which makes use of OpenGL to provide 3D rotation of an image. The program opens but when I try to resize the drawing window my computer (DEL Inspiron 4000 unning Win2k)crashes.

The software provider said to update my video card (ATI Rage Mobility 128) adapter. I did that, it still crashes. I tried a an OpenGL test program (OpenGlSampleMdi.exe from with the same results.

Any suggestions?

If this is happening on two different OpenGL applications when you resize the window, it sounds like the OpenGL driver is not handling window resize events. Some game-specific OpenGL drivers are like that since they expect a game app not to ever change window size – ie, be running in fullscreen mode.

You should run a search on your system for multiple occurances of OpenGL32.DLL. For accelerated OpenGL drivers to work, the default Microsoft Windows version DLL must be in your system directory. If you have any other DLL there or in your app-specific directory, you should remove it and then re-update your drivers.