API for menu that will draw on top of canvas/webGL

I know,…this is not so much related to webGL,…but: couple of months back I have seen some nice WebGL demos (if I remember, than the demo pack was officially announced via mailing-list) and one was using a nice API for ‘menu’ that was drawing on top of the canvas. PLEASE does anybody remember?

I have dat.gui but it is a bit limited.

Once again sorry for this ‘not 100% WebGL’ related question but ,… its as close as I could think.

I’m not sure it is something similar what I did in my prototype, the menus are all on top of the WebGL canvas. This is the link to my prototype - click on images to get into the WebGL interface.


If this is the effect you want, it should be straightforward. You should be able to have a div menu on top of the WebGL canvas simply setting a higher z-index value using css.

thanks + looks rally nice