Anyone used the Z430 in the Snapdraggon?

The Z430 is doing my nut in!! Code which works on other implementations just plain doesn’t work.

Anyone had any success with this device?


Just some more info

I did some debugging and it looks like the

eglMakeCurrent(egldisplay, eglsurface, eglsurface, eglcontext);

is failing with a EGL_BAD_SURFACE

looking at the attributes of the surface when it was created it has a 0 width and 0 height. Using GetClientRect(hWnd, &rect); prior to this shows the window had a valid width and height. The window didn’t fail creation checked the error and I got EGL_SUCCESS from

eglsurface = eglCreateWindowSurface(egldisplay, eglconfig, (NativeWindowType)hWnd, NULL);

Any ideas why the width/height would be zero?


Got it working after some great pain.

looks like the driver is just wrong

width and height are 0

eglMakeCurrent() always returns back EGL_BAD_SURFACE but if I ignore this and just continuing the rendering completes

the worst problem is I have to set


or I just get a black screen, even though this is supposed to be the default state for this parameter