animating camera using <lookat>


for an exporter we are currently trying to animate a camera using the lookat transform. For this we use a sampler which reads float3x3 (first question here is what would the param name be for this to make sense…or does it not matter and can be “X”?), then targets the Camera/lookat with this (the lookat’s id is lookat).

The file validates but the camera doesn’t move at all.

Could somebody provide me with a very short example on how to animate a camera using <lookat>? Especially which names can be chosen arbitrarily and which have to be chosen with care.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



The value of the param name does not matter. The presence of a name matters, indicating a bound or unbound parameter. Unbound parameters are not received by input elements.

Not sure what you mean here in terms of XML? I.e. this should work:

<node id="Camera">
<lookat sid="lookat">
<instance_camera url="#camera"/>

His question is…how to ‘animate’ a camera using lookat and not how to define a camera using lookat!