Animateable Texture Coordinates or Texture

I am curious to know, if there is a possibility to animate texture coordinates within the gltf format.
There is already the extension KHR_texture_transform which offer some possibilities?

I am aware, that there are possibilities in the engines like babylon.js

In more general, the possibility to apply animation to the coordinates/texture transform to the gltf file itself, would open a lot of possibilities and enriches the format.

I am coming from an artist approach and I see a lot of “standard” - gltf file players emerging, which are limited to the very gltf basic content.

Are there plans to enrich the format with further functionalities, and would that feature be of interest?


There have been a few efforts to provide more advanced types of animation. Most relevant is probably the proposed KHR_animation2 extension, or more ambitiously a discussion of procedural textures.

But at the moment, the only specified way to animate UVs is to use a shape key / morph target on the UV attributes. The Gestaltor team has been working on this for sprite animation recently.

Unfortunately I’m not aware of online viewers for standard formats (glTF or otherwise) that support these types of animations currently.

Right. So I will investigate that.
Is the Blender Plugin able to export shapekeys and UV transforms in some way?
Interesting what will come up. I think that at least some basic texture or UV transformations would make sense.

Is the Blender Plugin able to export shapekeys and UV transforms in some way?

Shape keys for positions, normals, and tangents yes — but not shape keys or animations on UV transforms currently. I think Blender 3.0 did just added the ability to export UV transforms with Alembic, will be interesting to see peoples’ results with that feature.