Android OpenMax AL API support for HLS ?


We were successful in playing HLS streams using Android Media Player API.

Our requirement is to extract metadata from MPEG2-TS file segments which are part of HLS playlist. As MediaPlayer doesn’t have any API for extracting metadata(ID3 tags) from TS files, we are tend to use OpenMax AL API’s. As OpenMax AL gives us the capability to handle internal buffers we have a way to extract metadata from .ts files as they are passed from application level. The point which we don’t understand as of now is whether OpenMax AL accepts the HLS based m3u8 playlist file paths ? If yes then how can we pass a http url which is pointing to an m3u8 playlist file.

As far as I know Android Media Player has the intelligence to parse HLS playlist files and act accordinngly for rendering the .ts segments. Is it the same with OpenMax AL too ?

Thanks in advance

Eagerly looking for some help on this !!!

Kindly clarify on this !

Android is able to play HTTP live streaming (HLS) video streams by specifying URL in a videoView

Is there any way to retrieve timed metadata from HTTP live streaming (HLS) in android?

‘MediaMetaDataRetriever’ not work.

In iOS i use ‘Timed Metadata’ with notifications

can you help me? how you read the metadata? an example of code.