Android 6 Upgrade Issues

Hello, I’ve been testing out OpenSL with the new android 6.0 OS. It seems like there are some compatability issues with the upgrade on older phones. My specific example is Upgrading a Galaxy S6 to 6.0.1. Pre-upgrade I had a fully functioning recorder working using two androidSBQ’s. Sample rate was set to the native default to decrease latency. Pre upgrade, these values were 48k with a buffer size of 1440. Post upgrade the sampling rate remained the same but the default buffer size was decreased to 960. My primary issue in this development though is from the playback sample rate. The BufferQueue recorder is triggering at double the sample rate requested. Where I should be getting around 50 callbacks per second instead I’m getting 100. Rerunning the code on Android 4.4.2 solves this issue as well as running it on a Galaxy s7 edge which has Android 6.0 installed. It doesn’t seem to be that the sample rate is double or that the audio is dual channel though, as modifying the playback sample rate pitch shifts the samples higher and taking half of the samples leaves them slowed down. I have .wav’s of these examples as well and here is a copy of the audio sink I’m using to set up the recorder:

                                  SL_DEFAULTDEVICEID_AUDIOINPUT, NULL};
SLDataSource audioSrc = {&loc_dev, NULL};

//configure audio sink
SLDataLocator_AndroidSimpleBufferQueue loc_bq = {SL_DATALOCATOR_ANDROIDSIMPLEBUFFERQUEUE, 2};
SLDataFormat_PCM format_pcm = {SL_DATAFORMAT_PCM, 1, audioSettings.slNativeSampleRate,
                               SL_PCMSAMPLEFORMAT_FIXED_16, SL_PCMSAMPLEFORMAT_FIXED_16,
SLDataSink audioSnk = {&loc_bq, &format_pcm};

If anyone else has experienced an issue like this or has advice on a possible fix please let me know. Thanks.