AmanithVG new version 6.0.2 - OpenVG 1.1 implementation

Mazatech released version 6.0.2 of AmanithVG SDK on GitHub, a C/C++ library that implements OpenVG 1.1 specifications from Khronos Group. AmanithVG SDK is features-unlimited and it is free for evaluation purposes. The new 6.0.2 version comes with big improvements: AmanithVG is now thread safe, core parts of the rasterizer have been rewritten leading to better efficiency in terms of memory consumption and performance, and new extensions (clipping paths, new images filters) are there too.

It supports desktop, mobile and embedded platforms: Windows (x86, x86_64), MacOS X (Universal Binary for x86_64 and Apple Silicon), Linux (arm, arm-v6hf, arm-v7a, aarch64, mipsel, mips64el, pppc64el, x86, x86_64), Android (arm-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64), iOS (Universal Binary for x86_64 and Apple Silicon), QNX (armv7-le, x86).

The repository also includes a set of ten tutorials covering different OpenVG features: gradients paint types, patterns, stroking, alpha blending, images, masking and text, completed with source code and detailed description on the AmanithVG website.

The building system is based on CMake, so all the tutorials support Visual Studio, XCode, Android Studio as well as plain Makefile.

Official website: