About the glTF category


This is the general glTF category. If your post doesn’t fit under one of the other glTF categories, please post it here.

If this is your first question, be sure you read the forum posting guidelines. The guidelines are there to you get the correct answer quickly.

If you are looking for a live discussion, please checkout the Khronos #gltf on Khronos Group Slack

We support embedding of glTF format from Sketchfab. Simply paste the URL of the model you wish to embed, and it will automatically appear. This URL https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/khronos-group-logo-ea8ffccd805f42afb19eae082c9a4e2e

Will display this:


Also as a general FYI – we have a #gltf channel in the Khronos Group Slack for live help and quick questions.


Thanks for the reminder @donmccurdy, I’ve added a note to the About glTF category.