About the code of the IL API function

I’m sorry. I am Japanese.
It might be strange English because it uses the software of the automatic translation.

For instance, should I code an actual code of the OMX_Init() function by myself? Or, has it already been prepared, and does it only have to be used it?

The sample source of “Bellagio” was seen.
Are contents of the OMX_Init() function sources prepared on the Khronos side?
Or, is it what “STMicroelectronics” coded?


The implementation of the OMX_Init function, like the other core funcitions, like OMX_GetHandle, are platform, OS, and implementation specific. So for a given platform and OS an implementation is needed. The Bellagio code is only an implementation, developed by STMicroelectronics, for a PC platform with linux OS.
If you have detailed questions on Bellagio implementation, please refer to its forum on source forge.