About exporting camera (3dsmax to Maya)

It is my first topic, and I’m not sure to ask may question on the good board. Sorry in advance.

I explain my problem : I use the “camera match” tool in 3dsmax. This tool premits to create a camera for being able to match 3d model on a background image…
I try to export my camera : 3dsmax to Maya. But I don’t have the same parameters in 3dsmax and in Maya.
The translation values are exactly the same, but the rotation values are totally different. Concerning the lens (focal length in maya) and the fov, the values are different too… Could you give more explanation about this ?

I try to copy handly all these values from 3dsmax to maya, and I feel that ths result looks better.
Thanks a lot for your help

Is this involving COLLADA in some way? It sounds like you are copying data from Max to Maya directly by hand.

We also have problems transporting data between max and maya using Collada.

There are bugs in both Max and Maya Collada support, but Maya we find Maya is the best and closer to the specification.

I believe the Max collada export uses the wrong handedness for it’s rotations, and this will explain one of the problems you have.

The other problem may be that the maya collada import does not import some data from the max file correctly.

I hope all these problems will be resolved soon when the collada api and test suite are released :slight_smile:

THe camera problem may be related to the fact that the Max script was not exporting the lookat matrix nor the rotation values at the node declaration. This is fixed. I will soon upoad the latest COLLADA 1.2.2 scripts so you can validate the changes.

I would also recommend that you update the Maya plug-in. Guillaume fixed some minor problem with the camera import code, that caused the aspect ratio to be slightly different. Maybe that would help.