A very difficult question

A VC++ 6 application using OpenGL and working fine in W2K SP3 on Intel P III now crash on a Intel Celeron 2 GHz (P4S5MG /GL /650) while executing opengl code on W2K SP3.

While debugging the error message is:

WGL Message:WGL: LockVertexBuf: Lock vertex surface fail: DDERROR = DDERR_SURFACEBUSY

Changing the display setting color from High Color(16 bits) to 256 colors avoids crashing but the graphics are not seen as they should.

The drivers for the on board sis650 card are updated.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Its clearly a driver issues, since the driver obviously uses Direct Draw for some stuff (i.e. handling textures) it maybe a good idea to update to a newer DirectX version.

Um…wait…if it’s OpenGL code…why are you getting DirectX errors!?

Halcyon: Most OpenGL drivers use Direct Draw to handle textures, Front- & Backbuffers etc.

Its very common.